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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Institute Report Calls for Increased Funding for EPA Brownfields Program

In November 2007, the Northeast-Midwest Institute and the National Brownfields Coalition released the fourth in its series of reports on the EPA Brownfields Program.

EPA has invested about $800 million in the assessment and cleanup of brownfields since 1995. According to EPA, this investment has leveraged more than $9 billion in cleanup and redevelopment monies – a return of more than ten to one. In addition, this investment has resulted in the assessment of more than 8,000 properties and helped to create more than 37,000 new jobs. The report cites needs for greater resources for the program to be more effective in cleaning up the nation's brownfield sites.

The Coalition recommends reauthorizing the EPA brownfields program with increased budgetary authorization levels, stepped up through the five year period. The Coalition recommends doubling the size of the current program after inflation is taken into account. Some particular areas that are recommended for new or increased attention include:

  • Increase the upper limit on cleanup funds to $1 million per site;
  • Establish a program to assist state and local environmental insurance programs;
  • Establish pilots for sustainable reuse and alternative energy on brownfields; and
  • Establish pilots for waterfront brownfields.

Veiw the report here: Proposal to Increase Funding for the EPA Brownfields Program

For more information on Federal Brownfields Legislation and the National Brownfields Coalition visit: