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Monday, December 3, 2007

Importance of Minority Participation in Environmentalism

The following is an excerpt from this month's Bay Journal.

We may carry the mantra of improved water quality just for the benefit of living resources a little too far. Of course, we all want a cleaner environment to improve the ecosystem and bolster the populations of blue crabs, oysters, rockfish, brook trout and submerged aquatic vegetation. But we also need to recognize that a cleaner, healthier environment not only benefits the living resources, but also the people in the watershed. It not just a water quality issue, it is a quality of life issue.

We have failed over the years to properly frame the issue and to put it into a context that reaches beyond the traditional environmental community.


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David Bancroft
More minority involvement needed in Bay cleanup
Bay Journal: The Chesapeake Bay Newspaper
Dec 2007

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