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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Reconstructing Past Storm Conditions on Lake Superior

One of the most awesome sites I've seen while living in Michigan' Upper Peninsula is a November storm on massive Lake Superior. Even just standing on the shore of this natural wonder watch the huge white caps smashing in to break walls or rocky cliffs give leaves no doubt why the Great Lakes are often called inland seas.

One of my favorite stories of legendary G.L. storms is about the . Story of the November 1975 tragedy detailing one of the worst storms in G.L. recorded history and the mighty merchant/freighter ship, The Edmund Fitzgerald that was thought to be unsinkable. The ship went down with all hands aboard. Do a Google search and read more about the story.

For you meteorology buffs, here is an interesting link that was forwarded to me about reconstruction of storm conditions (using up to date modeling methods) that led to the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald in eastern Lake Superior in 1975.